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Bangladesh Institute Of Peace & Security Studies - SARRF
... does not provide room to discuss bilateral security issues ... ASEAN Regional Forum) to bring security issues into discussions ... There is a long felt need to establish a platform for discussion and informed debate on issues related to security and strategy in the region, as well as the exchange of research papers or data on peace and ...
Libertarian Socialism - Overview - Civil Liberties and Individual Freedom
... an individual specific rights such as the freedom in issues of love and sex (free love) (see Anarchism and issues related to love and sex) and of thought and ... anarcha-feminism and advocacy of LGBT rights (see Anarchism and issues related to LGBTI persons) ... In recent times anarchism has also voiced opinions and taken action around certain sex related subjects such as pornography, BDSM and the sex industry ...
Personnel Economics
... In addition, personnel economics deals with issues related to both managerial-supervisory and non-supervisory workers ... firing, turnover, part-time and temporary workers, and seniority issues related to promotions compensation and compensation methods and their effects, including stock options ...

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    Perhaps it is nothingness which is real and our dream which is non-existent, but then we feel think that these musical phrases, and the notions related to the dream, are nothing too. We will die, but our hostages are the divine captives who will follow our chance. And death with them is somewhat less bitter, less inglorious, perhaps less probable.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    To make life more bearable and pleasant for everybody, choose the issues that are significant enough to fight over, and ignore or use distraction for those you can let slide that day. Picking your battles will eliminate a number of conflicts, and yet will still leave you feeling in control.
    Lawrence Balter (20th century)