Ise City

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Ise Grand Shrine - Shrines and Facilities - Facilities
... Facilities of Ise Shrine (not shrine) name kanji articles kanji location 1 Yahirodono of Kan-Hatori hatadono jinja 神服織機殿神社八尋殿 Nigitae (silk) 和妙 in Kan-Hatori ...
Ise Grand Shrine - Shrines and Facilities - Shrines
... There are 125 shrines within Ise Shrine ... Ujitachi, Ise city Toyouke Daijingū (Gekū) 豊受大神宮 Toyouke no Ōmikami 3 Mitomo no kami 豊受大御神 御伴神3座 Toyokawa, Ise city Betsug ...

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