Irrawaddy may refer to:

  • Irrawaddy River, the main river of Burma
  • Irrawaddy Delta, a rice growing region of the country
  • Ayeyarwady Region, an administrative division of Burma
  • The Irrawaddy, a Burmese news publication based in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Irrawaddy Dolphin, a dolphin which is found in the Irrawaddy River
  • Waters of Irrawaddy, the first song in the soundtrack of the film Beyond Rangoon composed by Hans Zimmer

Other articles related to "irrawaddy":

... Pyay is located on the Ayeyarwady River (Irrawaddy River) and is 260 km (160 mi) northwest of Yangon ... The British Irrawaddy Flotilla Company established the current town in the late 19th century on the Ayeyarwady River (Irrawaddy River) as a transshipment point for cargo between Upper and Lower Burma ...
Taping River - Flora and Fauna
... A rhinoceros was shot in 1946 after it had crossed the Irrawaddy and then the Taping river ... The Irrawaddy dolphin has been known to enter the upper tributaries of the Irrawaddy including the Taping especially when the rivers are flooded ... in 2002-2004 reported sightings in the deep pool area at the confluence of the Taping and the Irrawaddy, and up to 36 km upstream to Sinkan at the upstream end of ...
Battle Of Pokoku And Irrawaddy River Operations - Offensive Plan - 7th Division Plan
... The next operation across the Irrawaddy River was to be a magnificent stroke of bravery and deception, that was to make possible the destruction of the Japanese army in Burma ... This involved advance through Gangaw Valley and crossing of Irrawaddy River at Nyaung U ... To seize a bridgehead over the Irrawaddy between Chauk and Pakokku suitable for advance to Meiktila by not later than 15 February 1945 ...
Twante Canal - History
... The Irrawaddy Flotilla Company, Ltd ... Burma, ran daily services from Yangon to the Irrawaddy delta and Upper Burma ... In 1935, the canal was widened and deepened to allow for the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company's large steamers to Mandalay ...