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Saintfield - History
... The Society of United Irishmen launched a rebellion in 1798, which began in Leinster and quickly spread to Ulster ... The United Irishmen had been founded in 1791 by liberal Protestants in Belfast. 100 men were killed altogether, and the United Irishmen emerged victorious ...
Leonard Mac Nally - Barrister and Radical
... See also Society of United Irishmen Returning to Ireland, he developed a successful career as a barrister in Dublin ... In the early 1790s, McNally became a founder member of the United Irishmen, a clandestine society which soon developed into a revolutionary Irish ... and acted as the organisation's chief lawyer, representing many United Irishmen in court ...
Orange Order - History - Formation and Early Years - The United Irishmen Rebellion
... The Society of United Irishmen was formed by liberal Presbyterians and Anglicans in Belfast in 1791 ... the Orange Order was formed, the United Irishmen had become a revolutionary group advocating an independent Irish republic that would "Unite Catholic, Protestant ... United Irishmen activity was on the rise, and the government hoped to thwart it by backing the Orange Order from 1796 onward ...
Leonard Mac Nally
... barrister, playwright, lyricist, founding member of the United Irishmen and spy for the British Government within Irish republican circles ... informer for the British government within the Irish revolutionary society, the United Irishmen and played a mayor role in the defeat of the Irish Rebellion of 1798 ... In return for payments from the government, McNally would betray his United Irishmen colleagues to the authorities and then, as defence counsel at their trial, secretly ...
Military History Of Ireland - Irishmen in The British Army
... Irishmen fought in the British army in large numbers throughout its history ... percent of the commissioned officers were Irishmen ... First World War, over 200,000 Catholic and Protestant Irishmen volunteered to serve in the British Army ...

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    Consider the islands bearing the names of all the saints, bristling with forts like chestnut-burs, or Echinidæ, yet the police will not let a couple of Irishmen have a private sparring- match on one of them, as it is a government monopoly; all the great seaports are in a boxing attitude, and you must sail prudently between two tiers of stony knuckles before you come to feel the warmth of their breasts.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Verily, chemistry is not a splitting of hairs when you have got half a dozen raw Irishmen in the laboratory.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    My one claim to originality among Irishmen is that I have never made a speech.
    George Moore (1852–1933)