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Butler Baronets - Irish Baronetcies - Cloghgrenan
... He notably represented County Carlow in the Irish House of Commons and served as Sheriff of County Carlow ... His grandson, the third Baronet, also sat as Member of the Irish Parliament and served as Sheriff of the county ... His eldest son, the fourth Baronet, represented County Carlow in the Irish Parliament and was admitted to the Irish Privy Council ...
The Troubles (Northern Ireland) - Background - 1609–1912
1609, Scottish and English settlers, known as planters, were given land confiscated from the native Irish in the Plantation of Ulster ... and the "planters", leading in turn to two bloody ethno-religious conflicts known as the Irish Confederate Wars (1641–1653) and the Williamite war (1689–1691), both of ... competition for land, as restrictions were lifted on the Catholic Irish ability to rent ...
Unionism In Ireland - History - Origins of Unionism in Ireland
... the aftermath of the 1798 Rebellion, in which elements of Irish Protestants – particularly Presbyterians – had supported republican United Irishmen and others had been mobilised to ... The Act of union was first proposed in the Irish Parliament in 1799 but defeated by 111 votes to 116 ... The idea of Union was supported by in Parliament those whose main concern was security in the wake of the 1798 rebellion and the need for the 40,000 strong British military garrison to ...
Baron Mount Sandford
... He had previously represented Roscommon Borough in the Irish House of Commons ... Roscommon and Roscommon Borough in the Irish Parliament ... His grandson Robert Sandford was a member of the Irish Parliament for County Roscommon ...
Henry Flood - Irish Parliament
... In 1759, he entered the Irish parliament as member for Kilkenny County, a seat he held until 1761 ... There was at that time no party in the Irish House of Commons that could truly be called national, and until a few years before there had been none that deserved even the name of an opposition ... The Irish parliament was still constitutionally subordinate to the English privy council it had practically no powers of independent legislation, and none of controlling the policy of the executive, which was ...

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    At the ramparts on the cliff near the old Parliament House I counted twenty-four thirty-two-pounders in a row, pointed over the harbor, with their balls piled pyramid-wise between them,—there are said to be in all about one hundred and eighty guns mounted at Quebec,—all which were faithfully kept dusted by officials, in accordance with the motto, “In time of peace prepare for war”; but I saw no preparations for peace: she was plainly an uninvited guest.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The Irish ... are the damnedest race. They put so much emphasis on so many wrong things.
    Margaret Mitchell (1900–1949)