IRF is a three-letter acronym that stands for:

  • Immature Reticulocyte Fraction
  • Impulse response function
  • Incident Reporting Form
  • Information Retrieval Facility
  • Initial Reaction Force or Immediate Response Force
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility
  • Institute of Space Physics (Sweden)
  • Instructional Reform Facilitator (San Francisco Unified Schools)
  • Intelligence Records Facility
  • Interchange Reimbursement Fee
  • Interest Rate Future
  • Interference Rejection Factor
  • Interferon Regulatory Factor (e.g. IRF6)
  • International Rectifier

In foundations/organizations:

  • International Rabbinic Federation
  • International Ranger Federation
  • International Road Federation
  • International Rogaining Federation
  • Iran Research Foundation
  • Islamic Research Foundation

In computing:

  • Intelligent Resilient Framework, Virtual Switch Chassis Aggregation
  • Inherited Rights Filter, a logical access constraint in Novell NetWare

Other articles related to "irf":

Iridium Tetrafluoride
... Iridium(IV) fluoride is a chemical compound of iridium and fluorine, with the chemical formula IrF4 and is a dark brown solid ... Early reports of IrF4 prior to 1965 are questionable and appear to describe the compound IrF5 ...
NSP1 (rotavirus)
... and IRF7 by recognizing a common element of IRF proteins, thereby allowing NSP1 to act as a broad-spectrum antagonist of IRF function ...
... Identifiers Symbols IRF2 IRF-2 External IDs OMIM 147576 MGI 96591 HomoloGene 1659 GeneCards IRF2 Gene Gene Ontology Molecular function • regulatory region DNA binding • DNA binding ... regulatory factor 2, a member of the interferon regulatory transcription factor (IRF) family ...