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A Responsible Plan To End The War In Iraq - Contents - Iraq Study Group Recommendations
... RECOMMENDATION 1 The United States, working with the Iraqi government, should launch the comprehensive New Diplomatic Offensive to deal with the problems ... support, and, if possible, military assistance for the Iraqi government from non-neighboring Muslim nations ... Assist the Iraqi government in achieving certain security, political, and economic milestones, including better performance on issues such as national reconciliation, equitable distribution of ...
Iraqi Insurgency
... The Iraqi insurgency refers to an ongoing warfare in Iraq, which began after the 2003 invasion of Iraq ... began shortly after the 2003 invasion of Iraq and prior to the establishment of the new Iraqi government ... insurgency primarily targeted Coalition armies, while latterly, Iraqi security forces, seen as collaborators with the coalition also became targeted ...
Battle Of Basra (2008) - Aftermath
... Militarily, the battle ended indecisively with the Iraqi security forces clearing some districts but facing ferocious resistance in others ... withdrew from the streets, clashes between Iraqi Security Forces and militia continued ... now is that administration officials are trying to convince the Iraqi government that Iran may not be the ally it thought, and is behind attacks against Iraqi ...
Trade Bank Of Iraq - History
... TBI is owned by the Iraqi government itself but operates as a commercial bank with a virtual monopoly on letters of credit for government purchases, giving it immense political leverage ... Its chairman was a nephew of well-known Iraqi politician Ahmed Chalabi ... was appointed by Bremer and kept the position under successive Iraqi administrations ...
Saddam Hussein And Al-Qaeda Link Allegations Timeline - Inter-war Period - 1993
... One of the conspirators was Abdul Rahman Yasin, an American of Iraqi descent born in Bloomington, Indiana ... in with a relative and received support from the Iraqi government ... The Iraqi government claimed they imprisoned Yasin in 1994, where he remained until at least 2002 ...

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    Liberty is the air that we Americans breathe. Our Government is based on the belief that a people can be both strong and free. That civilized men need no restraint but that imposed by themselves against the abuse of freedom.
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    I will cut the head off my baby and swallow it if it will make Bush lose.
    Zainab Ismael, Iraqi housewife. As quoted in Newsweek magazine, p. 31 (November 16, 1992)