Investigation or Investigations may refer to:

In law enforcement:

  • The work of a Private investigator
  • The work of a Detective
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation, the primary investigative arm of the US Department of Justice
  • Criminal Investigation Department, the branch of British Police force to which plain clothes detectives belong
  • Griffin Investigations, the most prominent group of private investigators specializing in the gambling industry

In medicine:

  • Clinical trial, an investigation conducted to collect data for new drugs or devices
  • Investigational New Drug, category in a USFDA program
  • Tests and scans done to help with the diagnosis or management of a disease

In other uses:

  • Forensic science, in fields such as accounting, science, engineering and information technology
  • Investigation (film), a 2006 Bulgarian drama
  • The Investigation, 1959 book by StanisÅ‚aw Lem
  • The Investigation (play), 1965 play by Peter Weiss
  • Investigation Discovery, a digital cable channel
  • Investigative journalism, the practice of in-depth reporting or analysis
  • "Investigations" (Star Trek: Voyager), the 36th episode of the television series Star Trek: Voyager
  • Investigations in Numbers, Data, and Space, a K-5 mathematics curriculum
  • Temporal Investigations, agency of the government of the United Federation of Planets in the fictional universe of Star Trek

Investigation may also be:

  • Discovery (observation)
  • Research

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Corruption In Chile - Corruption in Chile
... the comptroller then initiated parallel investigations into the potential illicit use of public funds ... The PGE investigations revealed that individuals paid to do public works actually spent their time campaigning for political parties ... Further investigations revealed that funds were also misused in other Fifth Region counties ...
Cincinnati Police Department - Organization - Investigations
... Consists of the Central Vice Control Section and the Criminal Investigation Section ... This bureau handles investigations and gathers intelligence involving vice activity, homicides, sex crimes, crimes against children and property crimes ...
Medico Legal Investigations Ltd
... MedicoLegal Investigations Ltd (MLI) is a United Kingdom private limited company which works with pharmaceutical companies to investigate alleged fraud and misconduct in ... Times, The Observer, and Daily Express have published articles examining MLI's investigations of doctors and research studies ...
To Catch A Predator
... television series that features hidden camera investigations by the television newsmagazine program Dateline NBC ... The series premiered in November 2004, and featured 12 investigations in total held across the United States ... The investigations were conducted as undercover sting operations with the help of on-line watchdog group Perverted-Justice ...
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... The investigations have concerned a wide spectrum of charities ... Many of these investigations have been closed with recommendations being made on simple good governance issues, while other cases are more serious in nature and investigations remain live ...