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Anomander Rake is the premiere mage of his race, and master of two Warrens - Kurald Galain (the Elder Warren of Darkness) and Starvald Demelain (the Elder Draconic Warren).

Rake can shapeshift into the form of an enormous black dragon, whose mouth is the gate to Kurald Galain. In this form, his eyes and mane are silver.

Rake is a formidable armed combatant, even using conventional means. Rake successfully fought his way through the city of the master swordspeople, the Seguleh, attaining the rank of Seventh - the seventh greatest swordsman in the entire people. Rake was forced to withdraw due to exhaustion before meeting the First. Using Dragnipur, Rake slew two Hounds of Shadow. Within the sword Dragnipur are many ascendants, demons and dragons including the elder god Draconus, showing the prowess of Rake with the weapon. The warrior Karsa Orlong is humbled when seeing Rake and Dessembrae draw swords and he is only defeated by allowing himself to be killed.

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