• (noun): A feeling of being intimate and belonging together.
    Synonyms: closeness
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Laura M. Brotherson
... author of the best-selling book about sexual intimacy and marital oneness titled And They Were Not Ashamed Strengthening Marriage through Sexual ... She is a marriage and intimacy educator who speaks and writes on subjects related to marriage, sex and intimacy ... As an intimacy expert and relationship consultant, Brotherson is the host of The Marital Intimacy Show (a weekly online program) on The Women's Information ...
Little Thoughts EP - Track Listing
... albums Silent Alarm A Weekend in the City Intimacy Four Remix albums Silent Alarm Remixed Intimacy Remixed EPs Bloc Party Little Thoughts EP Singles Bloc Party EP "She's Hearing Voices" "Banquet/Stayin ...
Sexological Testing - Index - WIQ (Waring Intimacy Questionnaire)
... WIQ - Waring Intimacy Questionnaire This scale is made up of 90 items analysing 9 aspects relating couple's intimacy sexuality, love, expressiveness, marital cohesion, couple compatibility, partners' independence ...
Difference Theory - Theory - Independence Vs. Intimacy
... men favour independence, while women are more likely to seek intimacy ... they have to consult with their partner, as this is seen to be proof of the intimacy of the relationship ... the world as a network of connections and relationships, view intimacy as key to achieving consensus and avoiding the appearance of superiority, whereas ...
Attachment In Adults - Relationship Dynamics - Intimacy
... Attachment theory has always recognized the importance of intimacy. 120–121) The desire for intimacy has biological roots and, in the great majority of people, persists from birth until death ... The desire for intimacy also has important implications for attachment ...

More definitions of "intimacy":

  • (noun): Close or warm friendship.
    Example: "The absence of fences created a mysterious intimacy in which no one knew privacy"
    Synonyms: familiarity, closeness

Famous quotes containing the word intimacy:

    When intimacy followed love in Italy there were no longer any vain pretensions between two lovers.
    Stendhal [Marie Henri Beyle] (1783–1842)

    People are less self-conscious in the intimacy of family life and during the anxiety of a great sorrow. The dazzling varnish of an extreme politeness is then less in evidence, and the true qualities of the heart regain their proper proportions.
    Stendhal [Marie Henri Beyle] (1783–1842)

    We cannot set aside an hour for discussion with our children and hope that it will be a time of deep encounter. The special moments of intimacy are more likely to happen while baking a cake together, or playing hide and seek, or just sitting in the waiting room of the orthodontist.
    Neil Kurshan (20th century)