Intestinal Lumen

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Retinoid - Absorption
... Retinyl esters are hydrolyzed in the intestinal lumen to yield free retinol and the corresponding fatty acid (i.e ... Several enzymes that are present in the intestinal lumen may be involved in the hydrolysis of dietary retinyl esters ... Cholesterol esterase is secreted into the intestinal lumen from the pancreas and has been shown in vitro to display retinyl ester hydrolase activity ...
Oral Rehydration Therapy - Physiological Basis
... from the body is normally pumped into the intestinal lumen during digestion ... will secrete 20-30 grams of sodium per day via intestinal secretions ... This is because liquid secreted into the intestinal lumen during diarrhea passes through the gut so quickly that very little sodium is reabsorbed, leading to very low sodium levels in the body (severe ...
Amoebic Liver Abscess - Management - Amoebicidal Drugs
... Hence the ideal amoebicide should be able to act within the intestinal lumen, in the intestinal wall, and systemically, particularly in the liver ... action in the liver as compared to that in the intestinal wall explains its high efficacy in amoebic liver abscess and also its low parasitic cure rate for intestinal ... pain in the extremities which tend to persist until drug administration is stopped.Gastro-intestinal symptoms include nausea, vomiting and bloody ...

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