Intervention may refer to:

  • Interventionism (politics)
    • Humanitarian intervention, an attempt to reduce suffering within a state through armed conflict
    • Entente intervention in the Russian Civil War at 1918-1925
    • Invasion or military offensive
  • Intervention (counseling), an attempt to compel a subject to "get help" for an addiction or other problem
    • Cognitive interventions, a set of techniques and therapies practiced in counseling
  • Economic interventionism, when a central bank buys or sells foreign currencies in an attempt to adjust exchange rates
  • Intervention (law), a legal procedure for a nonparty to enter an ongoing lawsuit
  • Health intervention, an effort to promote good health behaviour or to prevent bad health behaviour
  • Art intervention, an interaction with a previously existing artwork, audience, or venue/space
  • The Ottaviani Intervention, a study written by Cardinals Alfredo Ottaviani and Antonio Bacci to Pope Paul VI concerning changes to the Catholic Mass
  • Well intervention, a term for the maintenance and repair of oil and gas wells
  • Another name for the Northern Territory National Emergency Response
  • CheyTac Intervention, a long range sniper rifle
  • Intervention (consulting), term used in the field of Organizational Development
  • Northern Territory National Emergency Response, often referred to as "the intervention", changes to welfare provision introduced by the Australian government in 2007

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Famous quotes containing the word intervention:

    I was curious, I was avid to know only what I found more real than myself, that which allowed me to glimpse the thoughts of a great genius, or the force or grace of nature left to its own devices, without the intervention of man.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    All of the assumptions once made about a parent’s role have been undercut by the specialists. The psychiatric specialists, the psychological specialists, the educational specialists, all have mystified child development. They have fostered the idea that understanding children and promoting their intellectual well-being is too complex for mothers and requires the intervention of experts.
    Elaine Heffner (20th century)