• (adj): Mentioned as worthy of acceptance.
    Example: "The suggested course of study"
    Synonyms: recommended

Some articles on suggested:

Thiostrepton - Biosynthesis
... central dehydropiperidine (at S5, C13, and S14) has been suggested by Bycroft back to 1978 and been employed in the chemical synthesis of this core structure by ... mechanism of the dehydropiperidine formation has also been suggested by Kelly et al ... based on experimental evidence, tsrN and L are suggested to be responsible for the hetero Diels-Alder cyclization ...
Spring Cavefish - Management Recommendations
... Following these suggested recommendations will avoid or minimize impacts to cave systems and the spring cavefish ... First, it is suggested minimizing the sedimentation runoff into streams, sinkholes, caves, and springs ... Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources have suggested the following sampling methods and actions to adequately monitor the spring cavefish species ...
The Fear (song) - Critical Reception
... Neil McCormick from The Daily Telegraph suggested that the song confirms that the singer's "pithy observational skills and sweet musicality" remain intact, as she has been a bit bruised by her encounter with 21st-centu ... Media described the song to have a "part admission, part brag, part apocalyptic vision" and suggested that "for almost any other artist, the lines would be barbed, sarcastic, and, ultimately, uppity and bland ... also positive Sal Cinquemani form Slant Magazine suggested that "The Fear" is proof of the pop singer's self-awareness, but, given her own personal tabloid history ...
Bar Kochba Revolt Coinage - Alternative Attributions
... Claude Reignier Conder, writing in 1909, suggested that the coins were forgeries of the coins of Simon Thassi ... Wolf Wirgin, writing in 1959, suggested that the coins were instead minted by King Herod Agrippa Alice Muehsam, writing in 1966, suggested that those coins with ...
Andy Gotts - Degrees - Photographic Project
... Ackland then suggested that Gotts photograph Greta Scacchi, with whom he had appeared in the film White Mischief ... Each actor Gotts photographed then suggested a best friend, or someone they really admired, as the next person ... Dustin Hoffman suggested Brad Pitt, Brad suggested George Clooney, George suggested Julia Roberts, Julia suggested Susan Sarandon, Susan suggested Paul Newman, Paul suggested...etc ...

Famous quotes containing the word suggested:

    It would be easy ... to regard the whole of world 3 as timeless, as Plato suggested of his world of Forms or Ideas.... I propose a different view—one which, I have found, is surprisingly fruitful. I regard world 3 as being essentially the product of the human mind.... More precisely, I regard the world 3 of problems, theories, and critical arguments as one of the results of the evolution of human language, and as acting back on this evolution.
    Karl Popper (1902–1994)

    Plato says that the punishment which the wise suffer who refuse to take part in the government, is, to live under the government of worse men; and the like regret is suggested to all the auditors, as the penalty of abstaining to speak,—that they shall hear worse orators than themselves.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    He suggested that there might be men of genius in the lowest grades of life, however permanently humble and illiterate, who take their own view always, or do not pretend to see at all; who are as bottomless even as Walden Pond was thought to be, though they may be dark and muddy.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)