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Some of its many pamphlets are listed below.

  • Leonora Lloyd, comp., Booklist for Women's Liberation (1970)
  • Tony Whelan, The Credibility Gap: The Politics of the S.L.L. (1970)
  • Capital: A Readable Introduction to Volume One (1971)
  • Peter Hampton, The Industrial Relations Bill (1971)
  • Peter Hampton, Unemployment (1971)
  • Leonora Lloyd, Women Workers in Britain (1971)
  • Ernest Mandel, The Leninist Theory of Organization (1971)
  • Ernest Mandel, The Lessons of May 1968 (1971)
  • The Struggle in Bengal and the Fourth International (1971)
  • John Weal, The Post Office Workers v. the State (1971)
  • Bob Purdie, Ireland Unfree (1972)
  • Tariq Ali, There Is Only One Road to Socialism and Workers' Power: The Lessons of the Chilean Coup (1973)
  • Nationalisation or Expropriation? (1973)
  • Readings on "State Capitalism" (1973)
  • Max Shachtman, Genesis of Trotskyism (1973)
  • Jaya Vithana, Ceylon and the Healy School of Falsification (1973)
  • Tariq Ali and Gerry Hedley, Chile (1974)
  • Cyprus / Kibris (1974)
  • Fascism (1974)
  • The Market and the Multinationals (1975)
  • Portugal, Spain (1975)
  • Zambia (1975)
  • Jim Atkinson, How the Labour Government Supports Apartheid (1976)
  • Dave Bailey, The Socialist Challenge to Racism (1976)
  • Fighting for Women's Rights (1977)
  • Bob Pennington, Revolutionary Socialism (1977)
  • The Politics of Militant (1977)
  • Southern Africa in Crisis (1977)
  • Phil Hearse, On Trotskyism and the Fourth International (1978)
  • Geoff Bell, British Labour and Ireland, 1969-79 (1979)
  • Grenada (1980)
  • Solidarity with Solidarnosc (1981)
  • From Rebellion to Revolution: A Strategy for Black Liberation (1982)
  • Revolution in Central America and the Caribbean (1982)

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