International Association of The Congo

The International Association of the Congo, also known as the International Congo Society (French: Association internationale du Congo), was an association founded on November 17, 1879, by Leopold II of Belgium to further his interests in the Congo. It replaced the Belgian "Committee for the Study of the Upper Congo" (French: Comité d'études du Haut-Congo), which was part of the Association internationale africaine created for exploration of the Congo. The goals of the International Congo Society was to establish control of the Congo basin and to exploit its economic resources. The Berlin Conference recognized the society as sovereign over the territories it controlled and in 1885 its structures were acquired by the Congo Free State.

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International Association Of The Congo - Berlin Conference
... The Berlin Conference or Congo Conference of 1884–85 regulated European colonization and trade in Africa ... and confirmed the territory controlled by the Congo Society as its private property, which essentially made it the property of Leopold II ... On November 8, 1884, Germany recognized the sovereignty of the society over Congo ...

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