Intermediate Filament

Intermediate Filament

Intermediate filaments (IFs) are cytoskeletal components found in metazoan cells. They are composed of a family of related proteins sharing common structural and sequence features. Intermediate filaments have an average diameter of 10 nanometers, which is between that of 7 nm actin (microfilaments), and that of 25 nm microtubules, although they were initially designated 'intermediate' because their average diameter is between those of narrower microfilaments (actin) and wider myosin filaments found in muscle cells. Most types of intermediate filaments are cytoplasmic, but one type, the lamins, are nuclear.

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... activity • protein binding • lamin binding • intermediate filament binding • structural constituent of epidermis Cellular component • nucleus ... repeats, localize to cell desmosomes and nuclei, and participate in linking cadherins to intermediate filaments in the cytoskeleton ...
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... Human Intermediate Filament Database(HIFD), a comprehensive database of human intermediate filament proteins, their associated variations and diseases ...
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... See also intermediate filament Peripherin was discovered as being the major intermediate filament in neuroblastoma cell lines and in rat pheochromocytoma cells ... with other type III proteins or the light neurofilament subunit (NF-L) to form intermediate filament networks ... manner, and as spreading continues, the particles polymerize into intermediate filaments ...
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... Like eukaryotic intermediate filaments, crescentin organizes into filaments and is present in a helical structure in the cell ... recently proved that, like animal intermediate filament proteins, crescentin has a central rod made up of four coiled-coil segments ... Both intermediate filament and crescentin proteins have a primary sequence including four α-helical segments along with non-α-helical linker domains ...
... protein binding • sodium channel regulator activity • intermediate filament binding • protein complex scaffold • ion channel binding Cellular ... desmosomes and nuclei, and participate in linking cadherins to intermediate filaments in the cytoskeleton ...

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