Interlocutor may refer to:

  • Interlocutor (music), the master of ceremonies of a minstrel show
  • Interlocutor (politics), someone who informally explains the views of a government and also can relay messages back to a government
  • Interlocutor (law), an order of any Scottish Court.
  • Interlocutor (linguistics), a participant in a discourse.

Other articles related to "interlocutor":

The Fall (Albert Camus novel) - Synopsis - Life in Paris
... Clamence turns to respond to his interlocutor when suddenly the motorcyclist punches him in the side of the head and then speeds off ... Without retaliating against his interlocutor, Clamence, utterly humiliated, merely returns to his car and drives away ... he thinks he should have done — namely strike his interlocutor, then chase after the motorcyclist and run him off the road ...
Socratic Method - Method
... it has the following steps Socrates' interlocutor asserts a thesis, for example "Courage is endurance of the soul", which Socrates considers false and targets for refutation ... Socrates secures his interlocutor's agreement to further premises, for example "Courage is a fine thing" and "Ignorant endurance is not a fine thing" ... Socrates then argues, and the interlocutor agrees, that these further premises imply the contrary of the original thesis, in this case it leads to "courage is ...
Minstrel Show - Structure
... Upon the instruction of the interlocutor, a sort of host, they sat in a semicircle ... Various stock characters always took the same positions the genteel interlocutor in the middle, flanked by Tambo and Bones, who served as the endmen or cornermen ... The interlocutor acted as a master of ceremonies and as a dignified, if pompous, straight man while the endmen exchanged jokes and performed a variety of humorous songs ...
Aporia - Philosophy
... In such a dialogue, Socrates questions his interlocutor about the nature or definition of a concept, for example virtue or courage ... Socrates then, through elenctic testing, shows his interlocutor that his answer is unsatisfactory ... After a number of such failed attempts, the interlocutor admits he is in aporia about the examined concept, concluding that he does not know what it is ...
Interlocutor (music)
... An interlocutor is the master of ceremonies of a minstrel show ... character, like the other performers, the interlocutor nonetheless had a somewhat aristocratic demeanor, a "codfish aristocrat" ...