Innocent III

  • (noun): Pope who instituted the Fourth Crusade and under whom papal intervention in European politics reached its height (1161-1216).
    Synonyms: Lotario di Segni

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Valdemar Of Denmark (bishop) - Valdemar As Canonically Dismissed, But De Facto Ruling Prince-Archbishop of Bremen
... Valdemar II and the fled capitulars protested at Pope Innocent III, who first wanted to research the case ... When bishop Valdemar left Rome for Bremen against Innocent's order to wait his decision, he banned Valdemar by an anathema and in 1208 finally dismissed him too as bishop of ... and the city of Bremen joined the party of the former rival king Otto IV, whom Innocent III crowned Emperor in 1209 ...
Papal Election, 1227 - Absentee Cardinal
... cardinalis May 27, 1206 Innocent III Archbishop of Canterbury 1207-1228 resigned his titulus S ... Prassede May 27, 1206 Innocent III Rector of Spoleto Romano Bonaventura Deacon of S ... Maria in Portico March 5, 1216 Innocent III Papal Legate in the southern France ...
History Of The Byzantine Empire - Decline and Disintegration - Fourth Crusade
... In 1198, Pope Innocent III broached the subject of a new crusade through legates and encyclical letters ... Innocent, who was informed of the plan (his veto being disregarded), was reluctant to jeopardize the Crusade, and gave conditional absolution to the crusaders—not, however, to the ... After the death of Theobald III, Count of Champagne, the leadership of the Crusade passed to Boniface of Montferrat, a friend of the Hohenstaufen Philip of Swabia ...
Patrologia Latina
... includes over 1000 years of Latin works from Tertullian to Pope Innocent III, in 217 volumes volumes 1 to 73, from Tertullian to Gregory of Tours, were published from 1844 ... Although the collection ends in 1216, after the death of Innocent III, Migne originally wanted to include documents all the way up to the Reformation this task ...
Siege Of Zara - Background
... Shortly after his election as pope in 1198, Pope Innocent III (1161-1216) published several papal encyclicals calling for the invasion and recapture of ... Innocent's plan also called for the invading armies to travel to Egypt by sea and seize the Nile Delta, which would then be used as a base from which to ... Innocent III negotiated an agreement with the Republic of Venice, Europe's dominant sea power at the time, involving the construction of a fleet of warships and transports, to ...

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    Knavery seems to be so much a the striking feature of its inhabitants that it may not in the end be an evil that they will become aliens to this kingdom.
    —George III (1738–1820)

    Why, even when I was innocent her hatred of me hurt a good deal. Now that I’m guilty, her belief in me would hurt even more.
    Garrett Fort (1900–1945)