Injective Hulls

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Injective Module - Theory - Injective Hulls
... The injective hull of a module is the smallest injective module containing the given one and was described in (Eckmann Shopf 1953) ... One can use injective hulls to define a minimal injective resolution (see below) ... If each term of the injective resolution is the injective hull of the cokernel of the previous map, then the injective resolution has minimal length ...
Injective Hull - Properties - Ring Structure
... In some cases, for R a subring of a self-injective ring S, the injective hull of R will also have a ring structure ... any ring containing every matrix which is zero in all but the last column, the injective hull of the right R-module R is S ... However, it is not always the case that the injective hull of a ring has a ring structure, as an example in (Osofsky 1964) shows ...

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