Initial Morphism

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Universal Property - Properties - Relation To Adjoint Functors
... Suppose (A1, φ1) is an initial morphism from X1 to U and (A2, φ2) is an initial morphism from X2 to U ... By the initial property, given any morphism h X1 → X2 there exists a unique morphism g A1 → A2 such that the following diagram commutes If every object Xi of C admits a initial morphism to U ... statements apply to the dual situation of terminal morphisms from U ...
Adjoint Functors - Adjunctions in Full - Universal Morphisms Induce Hom-set Adjunction
... Given a right adjoint functor in the sense of initial morphisms, do the following steps ... For each object of, choose an initial morphism from to, so we have ... We have the map of on objects and the family of morphisms ...

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