Information Set

Information set may refer to:

  • Information set (game theory), in game theory, a particular set of possible moves a player has in a game
  • XML Information Set or Infoset, a W3C specification dealing with XML documents

Other articles related to "information set, set, information":

Information Set (game Theory)
... In game theory, an information set is a set that, for a particular player, establishes all the possible moves that could have taken place in the game so far ... If the game has perfect information, every information set contains only one member, namely the point actually reached at that stage of the game ... More specifically, in the extensive form, an information set is a set of decision nodes such that Every node in the set belongs to one player ...
Bayesian Game - Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium - Sequential Rationality
... A strategy profile is sequentially rational at a particular information set for a particular belief system if and only if the expected payoff of the player whose information set it is (i.e ... who has the move at that information set) is maximal given the strategies played by all the other players ... rational for a particular belief system if it satisfies the above for every information set ...
Finite Extensive-form Games
... the extensive-form game as being just a game tree with payoffs (no imperfect or incomplete information), and add the other elements in subsequent chapters as ... extensive-form game thus consists of the following A finite set of n (rational) players A rooted tree, called the game tree Each terminal (leaf) node of the game ... (A game of complete information thus has an empty set of Chance nodes.) Each node of the Chance player has a probability distribution over its outgoing edges ...
... be read (or "parsed") from its native format and to be presented as an instance of an information set ... The same DFDL schema also allows data to be taken from an instance of an information set and written out (or "serialized") to its native format ... convert general text and binary data, via a DFDL information set, into a corresponding XML document ...

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    If we cannot find a way to interpret the utterances and other behaviour of a creature as revealing a set of beliefs largely consistent and true by our own standards, we have no reason to count that creature as rational, as having beliefs, or as saying anything.
    Donald Davidson (b. 1917)

    I am the very pattern of a modern Major-Gineral,
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