• (adj): (of the voice) altered in tone or pitch.
    Example: "His southern Yorkshire voice was less inflected and singing than her northern one"
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Orphan Initialism - Non-English Language - Hebrew
... second-last and last letters of the non-inflected form of the acronym, even if by this it separates letters of the same original word ... In inflected forms the abbreviation sign gershayim remains between the second-last and last letters of the non-inflected form of the acronym (e.g ...
Colloquial Welsh Morphology - Pronouns - Personal Pronouns - Notes On The Forms
... In the inflected future of the verbs mynd, gwneud, dod, and cael, first-person singular constructions like do fi may be heard ... Fi, fe, and fo are used after conjunctions and non-inflected prepositions, and also as the object of an inflected verb Weloch chi fo dros y penwythnos? Did you see him over the weekend? Fe and fo ... Both i, e, and o and fi, fe, and fo are heard with inflected prepositions, as objects of verbal nouns, and also as following pronouns with their respective possessive adjectives Wyt ti wedi ei weld e/fe ...
Inflected Preposition - Examples
... In Spanish inflected prepositions can be found in the forms conmigo (with me), contigo (with you, singular), consigo (with him/her/itself) (see also Spanish prepositions#con) ... In Portuguese inflected prepositions can be found in the forms comigo (with me), contigo (with you, singular), consigo (with him/her/itself), conosco/connosco (with us), and convosco (with you ... In German inflected prepositions occur in Ruhrdeutsch ...
Stemming Algorithm - Algorithms - Lookup Algorithms
... A simple stemmer looks up the inflected form in a lookup table ... The disadvantages are that all inflected forms must be explicitly listed in the table new or unfamiliar words are not handled, even if they are perfectly regular (e.g ... with simple morphology, like English, table sizes are modest, but highly inflected languages like Turkish may have hundreds of potential inflected forms for each root ...
Afrikaans Grammar - Adjectives
... Adjectives may, however, be inflected when they precede a noun ... As a general rule, polysyllabic adjectives are normally inflected when used as attributive adjectives ... Monosyllabic attributive adjectives may or may not be inflected though, depending mostly on a set of rather complex phonological rules ...

More definitions of "inflected":

  • (adj): Showing alteration in form (especially by the addition of affixes).
    Example: "'boys' and 'swam' are inflected English words"; "German is an inflected langauge"