Infinity Engine

Infinity Engine is a game engine which allows the creation of isometric role-playing video games. It was originally developed by BioWare for a prototype RTS game codenamed Battleground Infinity, which was ultimately re-engineered to become the first installment of the Baldur's Gate series. BioWare used it again in the subsequent installments of the series, but also licensed the engine to Interplay's Black Isle Studios.

Infinity Engine features pausable realtime gameplay. The engine uses a three quarters perspective with pre-rendered 2D backgrounds and sprite-based characters. Although graphically 2D for the most part, Baldur's Gate II added the use of OpenGL to accelerate drawing. Designed for six-character party-based adventuring by default, the Infinity Engine was the spiritual successor to the Gold Box Engine, and provided the basis for five Dungeons & Dragons licensed role-playing video games plus additional expansion packs and a number of fanmade total conversion RPGs. It was succeeded by BioWare's Aurora Engine.

A free compatible game engine recreation is in development under the name of GemRB. It runs on multiple platforms, including FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Android and AmigaOS 4. Entire suites of reverse-engineered modding tools were written for Windows, Mac OS, and OS X in the engine's heyday.

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Games Using Infinity Engine
... The following games and expansions are powered by the Infinity Engine Baldur's Gate (1998) Baldur's Gate Tales of the Sword Coast (1999) Planescape Torment (1999) Icewind Dale (2000) Icewind Dale ...
Icewind Dale II - Reception
... G4 called the game's combat "sublime," and said that "no Infinity Engine game thus far has had such interesting and intricate tactical combat." Gamespot called ... Gamespot called the interface "a big improvement on the spread-out interface of all previous Infinity Engine games," and IGN said that "the customization improvements to the interface that seem so ... G4 called the engine "old" and "clunky", and PC Format said that "the whole thing is limited by the creaking engine." However, certain sources praised the engine ...
Icewind Dale II
... The game is designed as an action-oriented alternative to other Infinity Engine games, with less emphasis on exploration and story ... The Infinity Engine was extensively modified to comply with the Third Edition, but the team was forced to remove certain rules because of the engine's outdated nature ... It was the final game to be developed using the Infinity Engine ...

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