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Character Changes During Infinite Crisis - New or Changed Characters
... The following characters were changed or introduced during Infinite Crisis and connected stories ... departed from regular plane of existence (Infinite Crisis #3) Artemis of Bana-Mighdall departed from regular plane of existence (Infinite Crisis #3) Bart Allen aged to ...
List Of Secret Society Of Super Villains Members - Alexander Luthor Jr.'s Society - Members of The Society
... Abra Kadabra (Infinite Crisis #2) Amazo (Villains United #5) Amos Fortune (Villains United #5) Amygdala (Villains United Infinite Crisis Special) Angle Man (Angelo Bend, Catwoman #46) Atomic Skull (Albert ... Sickle (Catwoman #46) The Hangmen (Manhunter #21) Breathtaker Killshot Provoke Shock Trauma (Infinite Crisis #7) Stranglehold Heatstroke (Villains United TPB ... Infinite Crisis TPB) Iron Cross (Infinite Crisis #7) The Key (Infinite Crisis #7) Kilg%re (Infinite Crisis TPB) Killer Croc (Villains United #5 ...
Geoff Johns - Bibliography - DC Comics
... Fernando Pasarin, Dale Eaglesham and Jerry Ordway, in #19-22, 2008-2009) JSA Kingdom Come Special Magog (with Peter Tomasi, Scott Kolins and Fernando Pasarin, one-shot, 2009) JSA Kingdom Come Special The Kingdom ... Joe Prado and Ivan Reis, in Teen Titans/Legion Special, one-shot, 2004) "Titans Tomorrow" (with Mike McKone, in #17-19, 2005) "Hiding" (with Tom Grummett, in #20, 2005) "Lights Out" (with ... Howard Porter, in #213-216, 2004-2005) "Post-Crisis" (with Howard Porter, in #217, 2005) "Rogue Profile Heatwave" (with Peter Snejbjerg, in #218, 2005) "Truth or Dare, Part One" (with Josue ...
52 (comics) - Plot
... In the aftermath of Infinite Crisis, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have temporarily retired their costumed identities, and the remaining heroes attend a memorial for Superboy in ... and Adam Strange are marooned on an alien planet after the events of Infinite Crisis ... Rip Hunter and Booster escape to the end of the Infinite Crisis, where they witness the secret creation of 52 identical parallel universes, which ...

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