Increasingly is the first EP by the band 12012, released on April 28, 2004.

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Bulgarian Law
... It still contains elements of Soviet legal thinking, atlhough these are now increasingly on the wane ... Commercial law is of an increasingly excellent drafting quality and the market in Bulgarian legal services which, while slower to emerge than those elsewhere in Central and ...
Increasingly -Kanzen Ban-
... Increasingly -Kanzen Ban-(Increasingly-完全盤-) is a reissue of 12012's EP Increasingly, released on June 15, 2005 along with "Depression Sign -Kanzen Ban-" and "Shudder -Kanzen Ban-" ...
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... Benedict (LeJay and Otten, “Cassiodorus.”) In any event, with the Imperial City increasingly under attack, the locus of library activity shifted increasingly to the ... During the succeeding centuries, such libraries played an increasingly strategic role in defending the tradition of learning from decay, pillage ...
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Famous quotes containing the word increasingly:

    Growing old’s like being increasingly penalized for a crime you haven’t committed.
    Anthony Powell (b. 1905)

    School divides life into two segments, which are increasingly of comparable length. As much as anything else, schooling implies custodial care for persons who are declared undesirable elsewhere by the simple fact that a school has been built to serve them.
    Ivan Illich (b. 1926)

    The life-fate of the modern individual depends not only upon the family into which he was born or which he enters by marriage, but increasingly upon the corporation in which he spends the most alert hours of his best years.
    C. Wright Mills (1916–1962)