Incoming Call

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Call Collision
... In telecommunications, a call collision (commonly known as glare) is one of two things The contention that occurs when a terminal and data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) specify the ... When call collision occurs, the DCE proceeds with the call request and cancels the incoming call ... If you have ever tried to make a call out on a PBX, and been accidentally connected to an incoming call, you have experienced glare ...
Internet Call Waiting
... 'Internet Call Waiting (often ICW for short) is a technology that allows a telephone line to accept incoming calls while connected to an Internet dialup connection ... a software application displays the Caller ID of the incoming call, and allows the user to screen the incoming call ... The user can then forward the incoming call to another number, or disconnect from the internet and take the call immediately ...
Ringtone - Background
... Ringing (telephony) A phone “rings” when its network indicates an incoming call and the phone thus alerts the user ... For landline telephones, the call signal can be an electric current generated by the switch or exchange to which the telephone is connected ... For mobile phones, the network sends the phone a message indicating an incoming call ...

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