Includes Golden Armor

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Lego Bionicle Models - 2010 - 2010 - Bionicle Stars
... 7116 Tahu All "Bionicle Stars" come with a golden BIONICLE piece that can be placed on Tahu to create the "Golden Armor" ... Includes golden Kanohi Hau ... Includes golden armor piece ...

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    In such an armor he may rise and raid
    The dark cave after midnight, unafraid....
    Gwendolyn Brooks (b. 1917)

    Before devising any blueprint that includes the assumption of Having It All, we need to ask ... Why do we need Everything?
    Letty Cottin Pogrebin (b. 1939)

    He hangs in shades the orange bright,
    Like golden lamps in a green night,
    And does in the pomegranates close
    Jewels more rich than Ormus shows;
    He makes the figs our mouths to meet,
    And throws the melons at our feet;
    But apples plants of such a price
    No tree could ever bear them twice.
    Andrew Marvell (1621–1678)