Implant can refer to:

  • Implant (medicine), or specifically:
    • Brain implant
    • Breast implant
    • Buttock implant
    • Cochlear implant
    • Contraceptive implant
    • Dental implant
    • Mini dental implant
    • Extraocular implant
    • Fetal tissue implant
    • Microchip implant (animal)
    • Microchip implant (human)
    • Prosthetic implant
    • Retinal implant
    • Subdermal implant
    • Transdermal implant
  • Implant (body modification)
  • Alien implants
  • The Implant, an episode of Seinfeld
  • Implant (Scientology)

Other articles related to "implant, implants":

Auditory Brainstem Implant - Implant History
... electrodes were the only changes to the implant until 1991, where 25 people had received the ABI ... In the US in 1992 an eight electrode implant developed by Cochlear Limited, the House Ear Institute and Huntington Medical Research Institute ... The processor for both the eight and 20 electrode implants used Nucleus 22 ABI (Cochlear Limited) external speech processors ...
Contraceptive Implant
... A contraceptive implant is a birth control device inserted under the skin by a doctor ... The implant is among the most effective birth control methods ... The implant can prevent pregnancy for up to three years ...
Straumann - Production
... The product range includes surgical implants and prosthetic components (abutments) that connect the implant with the visible crown of the replacement tooth ... Every item in Straumann’s Dental Implant System is crafted to the highest quality standards, ensuring long-term safety and reliability ... Complementing the dental implant and restoration system Straumann manufacture products that are used in oral tissue regeneration either to support implant procedures or ...
Straumann - Production - Villeret
... All major components of the Straumann Dental Implant System are currently manufactured at Straumann's state-of-the-art factory in Villeret, Switzerland, which produces more than 4.5 million parts a ... lines, one producing surgical products (implants) and the other manufacturing components for the range of implant prosthetics (abutments) ... houses the manufacturing unit for Straumann's third generation implant surface technology SLActive ...

Famous quotes containing the word implant:

    For good nurture and education implant good constitutions.
    Plato (c. 427–347 B.C.)

    A cynic might conclude that the real purpose of the $500 million-a-year implant business is the implantation of fat in the bellies and rumps of underemployed plastic surgeons.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)