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Survivor: Samoa - The Game - Episode 11: "Off With Their Heads!"
... Reward Challenge Instead of a Reward Challenge, a Survivor Auction was held ... Item(s) Brett Nothing Dave Nothing Jaison A sealed note containing an advantage at the next Immunity Challenge John Clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, slice of apple ... Sea noodles and sea slug guts with grated Parmesan cheese (Mystery item) Immunity Challenge With one hand, the castaways would hang on to a rope with several ...
Survivor South Africa: Malaysia - Elimination Notes
... latter part of the game as she was weak in the water challenges so far by an alliance of Viwe, Grant, Lisa and Irshaad ... in the foreground speaking out and retaliating after Bajau lost their first immunity challenge, Rijesh changed the target from Dyke to the weakest out ... After the immunity challenge, she had injured her hand and arm ...
Survivor: Palau
... Koror dominated from the very beginning, winning all but three reward challenges and every Immunity Challenge ... naming this as one of his favorite seasons, he also stated that the final immunity challenge was his favorite immunity challenge from any season ... She has hosted the Houston Survivor Challenge (now the Houston Reality Challenge) with the backing of the City of Houston and the local CBS affiliate ...
Survivor: Samoa - The Game - Episode 5: "Walking On Thin Ice"
... Reward Challenge Two castaways would face off against each other by spinning a roulette-like wheel with various food items on it that would be blended together and have to be ... The challenge would not be a race and there was no time limit on getting the food item down ... Reward Steaks, sausages, and onions Immunity Challenge One man and one woman from each tribe would hold on to a rope that would suspend a net ...
Survivor: Samoa - The Game - Episode 12: "Damage Control"
... Immunity Challenge The castaways would compete in a bowling tournament ... When the tribe arrived at the challenge site, Jeff announced they would be playing for immunity, not the expected reward ... Jaison took his second immunity win in a row, while Shambo reaffirmed her statement that Dave was going home at the next Tribal Council ...

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