• (noun): The act of limiting movement or making incapable of movement.
    Synonyms: immobilization, immobilizing
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Settlement (finance) - Immobilisation and Dematerialisation - Immobilisation
... Immobilisation entails the use of securities in paper form and the use of a Central Securities Depository or more than one, which is/are ... Luxembourg are two important examples of international immobilisation systems ...
Dislocated Shoulder - Treatment - Post-reduction: Immobilisation in External Versus Internal Rotation
... of years, treatment of anterior shoulder dislocation has included immobilisation of the patient's arm in a sling, with the arm placed in internal rotation (across ... Another study found that conventional shoulder immobilisation in a sling offered no benefit ...
Security Industry Authority - SIA Licensing - Licensable Activities (Sectors)
... Supervision (DS) Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) Security Guarding (SG) Vehicle Immobilisation (VI) Key Holding (KH) The Private Security Industry Act 2001 (as ... of Freedoms Act 2012 made it an offence to undertake vehicle immobilisation in England and Wales without lawful authority ... Exceptions were made for those individuals wishing to undertake vehicle immobilisation activities in Northern Ireland (where vehicle immobilisation is still legal) or key holding and non-front ...
Cross-linked Enzyme Aggregate - Immobilisation
... Basically, three traditional methods of enzyme immobilization can be distinguished binding to a support(carrier), entrapment (encapsulation) and cross-linking ... Support binding can be physical, ionic, or covalent in nature ...

More definitions of "immobilisation":

  • (noun): Fixation (as by a plaster cast) of a body part in order to promote proper healing.
    Synonyms: immobilization