Imagawa Sadayo

Imagawa Sadayo (今川 貞世?, 1326 - 1420), also known as Imagawa Ryōshun (今川 了俊?), was a renowned Japanese poet and military commander who served as tandai ("constable") of Kyūshū under the Ashikaga Bakufu from 1371 to 1395. His father, Imagawa Norikuni, had been a supporter of the first Ashikaga Shogun, Ashikaga Takauji, and for his services had been granted the position of constable of Suruga province (modern-day Shizuoka prefecture). This promotion increased the prestige of the Imagawa family (a warrior family dating from the Muromachi period, which was related by blood to the Ashikaga shoguns) considerably, and they remained an important family through to the Edo period.

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