Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund

The Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (or IMRF) is a pension fund created in 1939 by the Illinois General Assembly for municipal employees in the U.S. state of Illinois. IMRF began operating in 1941 with 5 original employers and $5,000 in assets. Presently, IMRF serves approximately 2,900 employers (Illinois units of government) and has more than $19 billion in assets.

Since 1941, IMRF has provided employees of local governments and school districts in Illinois (with the exception of the City of Chicago and Cook County, Illinois) with a sound and efficient system for the payment of retirement, disability, and death benefits.

At the end of 2010, IMRF had $25 billion in assets and was 86.3% funded on a market basis. It administers benefits for approximately 176,000 actively participating local government workers and provides monthly retirement benefits to approximately 97,000 retired local government workers.

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Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund - IMRF History - Additional Groups Covered
... In 1947 the Illinois legislature required the IMRF staff to participate as members of the system ... It mandated participation by all Illinois school districts (except those located in the city of Chicago) and all their employees except those covered by the State Teachers Retirement ... The Illinois Education Association, at that time a professional association, was instrumental in bringing schools under IMRF, primarily because the Teachers ...

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