Ile may refer to:

  • Isoleucine, an amino acid
  • Ile, Mozambique, a district in Zambezia Province, Mozambique
  • Another name for Ilargi, the moon in Basque mythology
  • Occidental language, a planned language also known as Interlingue, ISO 639 language code

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Sotho Verbs - Inflexion During Conjugation
... The -a becomes -ile to form the perfect stem ... perfect are varied due to various mostly phonological interactions with the suffix Generally, -ile is suffixed -reka buy ⇒ -rekile bought Verbs ending in -ya replace it with -ile -tsam ... past tense may also be indicated with the simple -ile (past subjunctive) multi-verbal conjugation, although its meaning does diverge somewhat from that of the perfect (especially with stative verbs) Ba ile ...
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Famous quotes containing the word ile:

    I am hurt but I am not slaine;
    Ile lay mee downe and bleed a-while
    And then Ile rise and ffight againe.
    —Unknown. Sir Andrew Barton. . .

    English and Scottish Ballads (The Poetry Bookshelf)