IKK may refer to:

  • IκB kinase, an enzyme
  • Greater Kankakee Airport
  • IKK Bundesverband GbR

Other articles related to "ikk":

Erkki Räikkönen
... Erkki Aleksanteri Räikkönen (August 13, 1900-March 30, 1961) was a Finnish nationalist leader ... a group that had been formed by Pehr Evind Svinhufvud, Räikkönen's most admired political figure ... Räikkönen took this decision in response to the banning of the Lapua Movement, a move that had left the far right in Finland without a wide ...
Chuk - Clinical Significance
... Mutations in IKK-α in humans have been linked to lethal fetal malformations ... The phenotype of these mutant fetuses is similar to the mouse IKK-α null phenotype, and is characterized by shiny, thickened skin and truncated limbs ... Decreased IKK-α activity has been reported in a large percentage of human squamous cell carcinomas, and restoring IKK-α in mouse models of skin cancer has been shown to ...
Chuk - Function - Epidermal Differentiation
... IKK-α has been shown to function in epidermal differentiation independently of the NF-κB pathway ... In the mouse, IKK-α is required for cell cycle exit and differentiation of the embryonic keratinocytes ... IKK-α null mice have a truncated snout and limbs, shiny skin, and die shortly after birth due to dehydration ...
Chuk - Function - NF-κB Response
... IKK-α is a member of the serine/threonine protein kinase family and forms a complex in the cell with IKK-β and NEMO ... IKK-α and IKK-β phosphorylate the IκB proteins, marking them for degradation via ubiquitination and allowing NF-κB transcription factors to go into the nucleus ...