Ignatz may refer to:

  • Ignatz Bubis (1927–1999), German Jewish leaderand chairman of the Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland from 1992 to 1999
  • Ignatz Leo Nascher (1863–1944), Austrian-born, Americanized medical doctor who coined the term "geriatrics" in 1909
  • Ignatz Lichtenstein (1824–1909), Hungarian Orthodox rabbi who wrote pamphlets advocating conversion to Christianity
  • Ignatz Urban (1848–1931), German botanist
  • Ignatz von Popiel (1863–1941), Polish-Ukrainian chess player
  • Ignatz Waghalter (1881–1949), Polish-German composer and conductor
  • Ignatz, a central character in the comic strip Krazy Kat

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Lambs Will Gambol - Cast of Characters - Krazy Kat
... to express the Kat's eternal joy, Krazy is hopelessly in love with Ignatz and thinks that the mouse's brick-tossing is his way of returning that love ... Krazy is also completely unaware of the bitter rivalry between Ignatz and Officer Pupp and mistakes the dog's frequent imprisonment of the mouse for an innocent game of tag ("Ever ... On those occasions when Ignatz is caught before he can launch his brick, Krazy is left pining for the "l'il ainjil" and wonders where the beloved mouse has gone ...
Lambs Will Gambol - Cast of Characters - Secondary Characters
... Often Ignatz's source for projectiles, although he distrusts the mouse ... pillbox hat, a scold and busybody who frequently notices Ignatz in the course of his plotting and informs Offissa Pupp ... (In one strip, Ignatz tries to trick him into dropping a brick onto Krazy's head from above) ...
Lambs Will Gambol - Reprints and Compilations - Fantagraphics Books
... The first five volumes are in B W, as originally printed.) Krazy Ignatz in "There Is A Heppy Lend Furfur A-Waay" 1925–1926 (2002) ISBN 1-56097-386-2 Krazy Ignatz in "Love Letters In Ancient Brick ... the shift to color in the Sunday newspaper version.) Krazy Ignatz in "A Wild Warmth of Chromatic Gravy" 1935–1936 (2005) ISBN 1-56097-690-X, 2005 Krazy ... copies printed, only available by direct order from the publisher.) Krazy Ignatz The Kat Who Walked in Beauty (2007) 11" × 15" horizontal hardcover reprints dailies from 1911–12, 1914, 9 months of large-format ...
Imprints - Ignatz Series
... The Ignatz Series is an international comic imprint ... It is named for Ignatz Mouse, a character in the comic strip Krazy Kat ... The books in the Ignatz series are designed midway between standard North American comic book pamphlet-size and graphic novel-size ...