If'n is the second album by the American alternative rock band Firehose, released in 1987.

The sound on the album is less incendiary than Ragin', Full On, moving away from the harder-edged Minutemen style to a mellower, funk-driven, humorous, "good-time rock'n'roll" direction (one the Minutemen had themselves explored on the EP Project Mersh). The songs are also more stylistically consistent - where the previous album had material from various sources (including Kira Roessler), If'n is more centered on Mike Watt's writing, showing a band that has gelled and found its own identity apart from Watt and Hurley's previous (and more well-known) band Minutemen. Many of the songs remained audience favorites for years to come ("Making the Freeway", "From One Cums One" and the humorous "Me & You, Remembering"). The album includes the group's first "heavy" song, "Thunder Child".

The album name is a reference to an episode of the television show Bewitched, which has a song called "If'n".

The left side of the album cover has a picture of Hüsker Dü, Minutemen's former colleagues at SST Records.

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