Identification or Identify may refer to:

  • Animal identification
  • Body identification
  • Combat Identification
  • Eyewitness identification
  • Forensic identification
  • Gender identity
  • Hazard Identification
  • Identifiability, a property for a statistical model to be uniquely determined by its parameter
  • Identification (biology), the process of assigning a pre-existing individual or class name to an individual organism
  • Identification of human individuals, a concept in biometrics
  • Identification (information), the capability to find, retrieve, report, change, or delete specific data without ambiguity
  • Identification key
  • Identification (literature), a psychological relationship between the reader of a novel and a character in the book
  • Identification (psychology), a concept in psychoanalysis
  • Identification (of handwriting), as in Questioned document examination
  • Identification scheme
  • Identification tag (disambiguation)
  • Identity document, any document which may be used to verify aspects of a person's identity
  • Identify, a 1999 alternative song
  • Language identification, the process of determining the natural language of a given content
  • Organizational identification
  • Parameter identification problem, a concept in econometrics
  • Particle identification
  • Party identification
  • Photo identification
  • Programme identification
  • Projective identification
  • Proof of identity
  • Radio-frequency identification
  • Specific Identification
  • Station identification, the practice of any type of radio or television station or network identifying itself
  • System identification
  • Ultrasound Identification
  • Weed identification (disambiguation)

Other articles related to "identification":

Driver's Licenses Used For Identification Purposes
... Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States have no national identification cards and because of the widespread use of cars, driver's licenses are often used as a de facto standard form of ... Most identification cards and driver's license cards are credit card size—the "ID-1" size and shape defined in ISO/IEC 7810 ...
José O'Callaghan Martínez - 7Q5
... O'Callaghan became famous for his identification of a small scrap of papyrus discovered in Cave 7 of Qumran named by the editors as "7Q5" (Cave 7 + Qumran + Papyrus 5) ... It was stated before his identification (and by some since) that there were no texts of the New Testament found in the caves of the Qumran complex ... papyri of the New Testament at Qumran, but his interest was identification of the fragments that the editors could not fully clarify ...
Driver's Licenses Used For Identification Purposes - North America
... the United States and Canada driver's licenses are used as a de facto identification document ... the issuer of driver licenses – will issue an identification card with similar attributes to a driver's license ... Identification cards do not enable a person to operate a motor vehicle, a fact typically noted on the ID via the phrase 'Not a driver's license' or similar wording ...