Ice Road Truckers - Season 4

Season 4

Season 4 of Ice Road Truckers premiered on June 6, 2010 and returned to the Dalton Highway in Alaska. In addition to the destinations from season 3 (Fairbanks, Alaska, Coldfoot, Alaska, Deadhorse, Alaska, oilfields of Prudhoe Bay), the destinations of Bettles, Alaska and Nuiqsut, Alaska are added which can only be reached by driving over frozen rivers and swamps.


Alex, Hugh, Jack, and Lisa continue driving the Dalton Highway in this season, and Carey appears in two episodes to help the other truckers bring exceptionally heavy loads up from Anchorage. Two new truckers are also featured.

Greg Boadwine: At 27, Greg is starting his second season with Carlile, after his first one ended early due to overturning his truck. He is grateful that his employers have given him another chance; at the same time, he feels that he has a long way to go in order to regain their full trust.

Ray Veilleux: Ray, 44, ran his own construction business in Kalispell, Montana until it failed as a result of the U.S. housing industry crash. He signed on with Carlile and has worked his way up from freight yard duty to making ice road runs.

Route and destinations

  • Dalton Highway: The truckers make stops at Fairbanks, Coldfoot, and Deadhorse as in Season 3, as well as the following destinations:
  • Bettles, Alaska - Located near the center of Alaska along the remains of the Hickel Highway, this small town is accessible only by driving over frozen swampland.
  • Nuiqsut, Alaska - Located west of Deadhorse, Nuiqsut is accessible by an ice road connecting it to the Dalton Highway during the winter.

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