IBN or ibn may refer to:

In general

  • ibn, patronymic ("son of") in Arabic personal names (e.g. Ibn Battuta)
  • IBN code page (Code page 865), a Nordic language code page under MS-DOS
  • Invariant basis number, a property that most rings have in mathematics
  • Internet background noise

In communications and media

  • CNN-IBN, an Indian news channel
  • Immanuel Broadcasting Network, the Christian radio network WCCV, headquartered in Carterville, Georgia
  • InStore Broadcasting Network, provider of in-store radio and television networks
  • Integrated Business Network, a Centrex telecommunications network by Northern Electric/Nortel
  • International Broadcasting Network, Dallas-based Christian broadcaster that produces programming (mainly for radio) like those hosted by Bob Larson and Steve Solomon

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Uqba Ibn Nafi - Historical Accounts
... earliest reports come from the Andalucian chronicler Ibn Idhari Al-Marrakushi in his Al-Bayan al-Mughrib fi akhbar al-Andalus ... In it, Ibn Idhari describes the moment when Uqba reached the Atlantic coast saying "Oh God, if the sea had not prevented me, I would have galloped on for ever like Alexander the Great ... should be pointed out that although much scholarship on the life and conquests of ibn Nafi are available, most have not been translated from their original Arabic into English or French ...
Ibn Duraid
... Ibn Duraid ابن دريد الأزدي (Abu Bakr Mahommed ibn al-Hasan ibn Duraid al-Azdi) (837–934), Arab poet and philologist, was born at Basra ... and, under the protection of the governor, `Abdallah ibn Mahommed ibn Mikal, and his son, Ismail, wrote his chief works ... The Maqsurah, a poem praising Ibn Mikal and his son, has been edited by A ...
Al-Andalus - Culture - Philosophy - Andalusian Philosophy
... son Hisham II took over, real power was ceded to the hajib, al-Mansur Ibn Abi Aamir ... Numerous scholars emerged, including Abu Uthman Ibn Fathun, whose masterwork was the philosophical treatise "Tree of Wisdom" ... An outstanding scholar in astronomy and astrology was Maslamah Ibn Ahmad al-Majriti (died 1008), an intrepid traveller who journeyed all over the Islamic world and ...
Malik Ibn Anas - Biography
... His full name was Abu Abdullah Mālik ibn Anas ibn Mālik Ibn Abī 'Āmir Ibn 'Amr Ibnul-Hārith Ibn Ghaimān Ibn Khuthail Ibn 'Amr Ibnul-Haarith ... Malik was born the son of Anas ibn Malik (not the Sahabi) and Aaliyah bint Shurayk al-Azdiyya in Medina circa 711 ...
Ibn Al-Tiqtaqa
... Ibn al-Tiqtaqā’, or the son of a chatterbox, was an onomatopoeic nickname for the Iraqi historian Jalāl-ad-Dīn Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Tāji’d-Dīn Abi’l-Hasan ... Ta’rīhh-i-Jahān Gushā (London1912, Luzac), p.ix, Ibn al-Tiqtaqā’s name was Safiyu’d-Din Muhammad ibn ‛Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Tabātabā ...