IBM Parallel Sysplex - Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex

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Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS) is an extension of Parallel Sysplex of mainframes located, potentially, in different cities. GDPS includes configurations for single site or multiple site configurations:

  • GDPS/HyperSwap Manager: It is based on synchronous Peer to Peer Remote Copy (PPRC) technology for use within a single data center. Data is copied from the primary storage device to a secondary storage device. In the event of a failure on the primary storage device, the system automatically makes the secondary storage device the primary, usually without disrupting running applications.
  • GDPS/PPRC: It is based on synchronous data mirroring technology (PPRC) that can be used on mainframes 200 kilometres (120 mi) apart. In a two-system model, both sites can be administered as if they were one system. In the event of a failure of a system or storage device, recovery can occur with limited or no data loss automatically.
  • GDPS/XRC: It is based on asynchronous Extended Remote Copy (XRC) technology with no restrictions on distance. XRC copies data on storage devices between two sites such that only a few seconds of data may be lost in the event of a failure. If a failure does occur, a user must initiate the recovery process. Once initiated, the process is automatic in recovering from secondary storage devices and reconfiguring systems.
  • GDPS/GM: It is based on asynchronous IBM Global Mirror technology with no restrictions on distance. It is designed to recovery from a total failure at one site. It will activate secondary storage devices and backup systems.
  • GDPS/MGM & GDPS/MzGM: These are configurations for systems with more than two systems/sites for purposes of disaster recovery. GDPS/MGM and GDPS/MzGM are based on GDPS/PPRC together with GDPS/GM, and GDPS/PPRC together with GDPS/XRC, respectively.
  • GDPS/Active-Active: It is a disaster recovery / continuous availability solution, based on two or more sites, separated by unlimited distances, running the same applications and having the same data to provide cross-site workload balancing.

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