IAL may refer to:

  • International auxiliary language, a language for communication between people who do not share a native language
  • International Algebraic Language or ALGOL 58
  • Intel Architecture Labs, a research arm of Intel Corporation during the 1990s
  • Indian Association Of Lawyers

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Ansumane Mané - Downfall
... Although the junta was dissolved following Ialá's victory, Mané remained powerful, acting as an obstacle to Ialá's authority ... At one point he refused to allow Ialá to go to Senegal on a state visit he also accompanied Ialá on a visit to Nigeria ... In November 2000, Ialá promoted a number of senior military officers Mané objected to the promotions and declared himself head of the armed forces ...
Kumba Ialá
... Kumba Ialá, also spelled Yalá (born 15 March 1953), is a Guinea-Bissau politician who was President of Guinea-Bissau from 17 February 2000 until he was deposed in a bloodless military coup on 14 September ... In 2008 he converted to Islam and took the name Mohamed Ialá Embaló ...
Malam Bacai Sanhá - Presidential Campaign
... In the run-off, held on 16 January 2000, he won only 28.0% of the vote against Kumba Ialá's 72.0% ... Following a 2003 military coup that ousted Ialá and a period of transitional rule, a new presidential election was held on 19 June 2005, in which the three former presidents (Sanhá, Vieira and Ial ...
Faustino Imbali
... After the victory of Kumba Ialá of the Party for Social Renewal (PRS) in that election, Imbali was appointed Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Economic and ... When Intchama was dismissed by Ialá in March 2001, Ialá nominated Imbali as his successor, despite the objections of the opposition, which held a majority in parliament ... In December, Imbali was dismissed by Ialá, who criticized him strongly ...