Hydrogen Bonding

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Steroid Delta-isomerase - Mechanism
... to form an enolate that is stabilized by the hydrogen bond donating Tyr-14 and Asp-99 ... The hydrogen bonds from Tyr-14 and Asp-99 are known to significantly affect the rate of catalysis in KSI ... there exists an ionic residue, Asp-99, located adjacent to Tyr-14 and within hydrogen bonding distance of O-3 ...
Histidine - Chemical Properties - NMR
... the N-1-H tautomer is preferred, it is presumed due to hydrogen bonding to the neighboring ammonium ... shifts can be explained by the presumably decreased hydrogen bonding of an amine over an ammonium ion, and the favorable hydrogen bonding between a carboxylate and ...
Source of Dispersive Adhesion Attractions - Hydrogen Bonding
... Sometimes grouped into the chemical mechanism of adhesion, hydrogen bonding can increase adhesive strength by the dispersive mechanism ... Hydrogen bonding occurs between molecules with a hydrogen atom attached to a small, electronegative atom such as fluorine, oxygen or nitrogen ... This bond is naturally polar, with the hydrogen atom gaining a slight positive charge and the other atom becoming slightly negative ...
Molecular Attraction - Hydrogen Bonding
... A hydrogen bond is the attraction between the lone pair of an electronegative atom and a hydrogen atom that is bonded to either nitrogen, oxygen, or fluorine ... The hydrogen bond is often described as a strong electrostatic dipole–dipole interaction ... However, it also has some features of covalent bonding it is directional, stronger than a van der Waals interaction, produces interatomic distances shorter than sum of van der Waals ...
Beta Sheet - Structure and Orientation - Hydrogen Bonding Patterns
... Adjacent β strands can form hydrogen bonds in antiparallel, parallel, or mixed arrangements ... produces the strongest inter-strand stability because it allows the inter-strand hydrogen bonds between carbonyls and amines to be planar, which is ... In this case, if two atoms and are adjacent in two hydrogen-bonded β strands, then they form two mutual backbone hydrogen bonds to each other's flanking ...

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