Hydrogen Bonds

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Hydroxide Ion
... The pH of a solution is equal to the decimal cologarithm of the hydrogen cation concentration the pH of pure water is close to 7 at ambient temperatures ... Addition of a base to water will reduce the hydrogen cation concentration and therefore increase the hydroxide ion concentration (increase pH, decrease pOH) even if the base does not itself ... due to the reaction NH3 + H+ NH4+, which results in a decrease in hydrogen cation concentration and an increase in hydroxide ion concentration ...
Aspirin Synthesis - Physical Properties - Polymorphism
... and coworkers in 2005, and fine structural details were given by Bond et al ... through the acetyl groups with the (acidic) methyl proton to carbonyl hydrogen bonds, and in the newly claimed form II, each salicylic molecule forms the same hydrogen bonds with two neighboring molecules ... With respect to the hydrogen bonds formed by the carboxylic acid groups, both polymorphs form identical dimer structures ...
Lower Critical Solution Temperature - Physical Basis
... two components such as strong polar interactions or hydrogen bonds, which prevent random mixing ... For example in the triethylamine-water system, the amine molecules cannot form hydrogen bonds with each other but only with water molecules, so in solution they remain associated to water molecules with. 19 °C is due not to entropy but to the enthalpy of formation of the hydrogen bonds ...
Density Of Water - Physics and Chemistry - Polarity and Hydrogen Bonding
... The water molecule forms an angle, with hydrogen atoms at the tips and oxygen at the vertex ... Because oxygen has a higher electronegativity than hydrogen, the side of the molecule with the oxygen atom has a partial negative charge ... The oxygen end is partially negative and the hydrogen end is partially positive, because of this the direction of the dipole moment points from the oxygen towards the ...
Georg Zundel
... As a scientist, a physicist, he achieved a worldwide reputation for hydrogen bond research ... A number of scientific discoveries in the area of hydrogen bonds carry Zundel's name, most notably the Zundel cation (H5O2+) which is an important structure for the solvated hydrogen ion ...

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