HY or Hy may refer to:

  • Armenian language ISO 639 alpha-2 code
  • IATA code for Uzbekistan Airways
  • An abbreviation for Helsingin yliopisto, which is Finnish for University of Helsinki
  • An abbreviation for Hell Yes!
  • An abbreviation for Hollywood
  • An abbreviation for Henry
  • HY (band), a Japanese band
  • Two letter code for Hyatt hotels used by CRS
  • High-Yield steel
  • A gender neutral pronoun
  • High yield
  • Hy Abbey, an old name for island and hence Iona Abbey
  • Hy (island), an pre-Christian and early Christian name for Iona, (See the Etymology section in the link)

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HY - People
... Hy Buller, a Canadian-born US All-Star NHL hockey player Patricia Hy-Boulais, a former Hong Kongese/Canadian tennis player ...
Shigeo Omae
... A native of Kawanishi, Hyōgo and graduate of Kyoto University, he was elected to the assembly of Hyōgo Prefecture for the first time in 1979 where he served for six terms ... After running unsuccessfully for mayor of Nishinomiya, Hyōgo in 2000, he was elected to the House of Representatives for the first time in 2003 ...
Saint Seiya Heaven Chapter: Overture - Evil Goddess Eris (1987)
... When Seiya, Hyōga and Shun visit Saori (Athena) at the orphanage, they meet an employee called Eri ... An orphan herself, Eri takes a liking to Hyōga and one night they sit outside watching the stars ... They see a shooting star and Hyōga asks Eri to make a wish ...
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