• (noun): Someone who hunts game.
    Synonyms: huntsman
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Hunter Mountain (New York) - History - Today
... Currently, Hunter, Rusk and Southwest Hunter mountains are grouped by DEC into the Hunter Mountain Wild Forest, reflecting the extensive past disturbances to the forest ... all of that land with the neighboring West Kill Wilderness Area to create a large Hunter-West Kill Wilderness Area ... Ironically, the summit of Hunter itself would remain in a thin corridor known as the Rusk Mountain Wild Forest, to accommodate uses of the Spruceton ...
History Of Coal Mining - Australia
... of Australia's coal exports were shipped from the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, where coal mining and transport had begun nearly two centuries earlier ... Coal River was the first name given by British settlers to the Hunter River after coal was found there in 1795 ... administration established a permanent convict settlement near the mouth of the Hunter River to mine and load the coal, predetermining the town's future as a coal port by ...
Hunter Mountain (New York) - Geography
... Hunter takes the shape of a medium-length ridge, rising steeply from Stony Clove Notch in the east, then gently to the summit in the center, and gently back down to the west where the ... (1,140 m)) summit unofficially known as Southwest Hunter Mountain ... reflecting the glacial cirque between Southwest Hunter and Hunter that opens up into the Spruceton Valley ...
Pink Fairies - Discography - Albums
... Never Land (Polydor) – Rudolph Sanderson Hunter Twink 1972 – What a Bunch of Sweeties (Polydor) – Rudolph Sanderson Hunter - UK #48 1973 – Kings of Oblivion (Polydor) – Wallis Sanderson ...
Game Stalker
... Defined narrowly, a game stalker is a hunter who for sport, approaches close to its timid quarry before making a kill ... Among hunter-gatherers, where their quarry is timid, stalking is a way of livelihood in order that they may catch what they hunt ... Whatever the means of killing, the hunter has to be near the quarry in order to achieve it ...

More definitions of "hunter":

  • (noun): A person who searches for something.
    Example: "A treasure hunter"
  • (noun): A watch with a hinged metal lid to protect the crystal.
    Synonyms: hunting watch

Famous quotes containing the word hunter:

    Every one finds by his own experience, as well as in history, that the era in which men cultivate the apple, and the amenities of the garden, is essentially different from that of the hunter and forest life, and neither can displace the other without loss.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)