Hungarian Language

Hungarian Language

Hungarian (Hungarian: magyar nyelv listen) is a Uralic language, one of the Ugric branch, spoken by the Hungarians. It is the most widely spoken non-Indo-European language in Europe, based on the number of native speakers. Hungarian is the official language of Hungary and is also spoken by Hungarian communities in the seven neighboring countries and by diaspora communities worldwide.

The Hungarian name for the language is magyar, which is also occasionally used as an English word to refer to the Hungarian people as an ethnic group.

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... Main article Hungarian literature In the earliest times Hungarian language was written in a runic-like script (although it was not used for literature purposes in the modern ... The oldest remained written record in Hungarian language is a fragment in the Establishing charter of the abbey of Tihany (1055) which contains several Hungarian terms, among them the words feheruuaru rea meneh ... The oldest remained complete text in Hungarian language is the Funeral Sermon and Prayer (Halotti beszéd és könyörgés) (1192–1195), a translation ...
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... the boy-scout troops take care of the instruction of the Hungarian language ... In addition, the Lutheran Church maintains a Hungarian-language nursery school ... applied for a scholarship from the Hungarian Ministry of Education and the Hungarian Boy-Scout Federation Abroad ...
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... that time) financed the following purely Hungarian institutions for the Hungarians in Czechoslovakia as of early 386 ... kindergartens, 131 elementary schools, 98 ... The first Hungarian-language university in Slovakia was opened only in 2004 - the Selye János University ... New policies of assimilation included progressive Slovakization of education, elimination of Hungarian place-names from signs, bans on using Hungarian in administrative dealings and in ...

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