Human Rights Act

A human rights act is a statute that sets out individual rights and freedoms under the law. Many jurisdictions have bills of rights enshrined into law and called the "Human Rights Act". This naming convention is commonly used in Commonwealth nations. The following nations have human rights acts:


ACT Human Rights Act 2004
Victoria Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2004


Canadian Human Rights Act, 1977
Human Rights Act 2003, an Act of the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut

Republic of Ireland

European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003

New Zealand

Human Rights Act 1993

United Kingdom

Human Rights Act 1998

United States

DC Human Rights Act 1997

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Law Enforcement In Scotland - Sources of Law - Legislation
... The Human Rights Act 1998, the Scotland Act 1998 and the European Communities Act 1972 have special status in the law of Scotland ... will tend not to create legislation which contradicts the Human Rights Act 1998 or European law, although it is technically free to do so ... Acts of the United Kingdom Parliament also regularly delegate powers to Ministers of the Crown or other bodies to produce legislation known as statutory instruments ...
Church Of England Assembly (Powers) Act 1919 - Human Rights Act
... Under the Human Rights Act 1998, a measure which is incompatible with a human right under the European Convention on Human Rights may be made the subject of a declaration of incompatibility by the courts ... However, the "fast-track" procedure under the 1998 Act for amending incompatible legislation does not apply to measures ...
LGBT Rights In Bermuda - Discrimination Protections
... Prior to this legislation, Bermuda's Human Rights Commission had repeatedly recommended that the government change discrimination laws ... In late 2004, the Government of Bermuda promised to amend the Human Rights Act to cover sexual orientation,—but by late 2005 the matter appeared to have been quietly dropped ... In 2006, an amendment to the Human Rights Act was proposed in the House of Assembly of Bermuda, but the Parliament of Bermuda refused to even discuss the issue ...
LGBT History In Canada - 20th Century - 1990s - 1995-1999
... that "sexual orientation" should be 'read in' to Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a part of the constitution ... The ruling had a wide impact since section 15 applies to all laws, including human rights acts that prohibit discrimination by all employers, landlords, service providers ... The Newfoundland Human Rights Act was amended to include sexual orientation ...

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