Huang Sian Teh - Sino-Japanese War

Sino-Japanese War

In 1937 China was attacked and drawn into World War II. Huang like many other young Chinese men joined the army in order to defend the country from the invading Japanese. During this time Huang’s bravery and courage were recognized and he was eventually promoted to General of the Chinese Nationalist Army under the Kuomintang (國民黨). During WWII Huang was in Charge of the “Tiger Division” a fierce battalion of fighters which fought in over 100 battles. After WWII when the country was weakened and in disarray the communist rebels seized the advantage and launched an offensive against the government troops which led the Nationalist Army of the Republic to withdraw to the island of Taiwan and set up their Capital at Taipei.

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Sino-Japanese War

There were two wars known as the Sino-Japanese War :

  • The First Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895) between China (the Qing Dynasty) and Japan (the Empire of Japan), primarily over control of Korea
  • The Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) between China (Republic of China) and Japan (the Empire of Japan), from 1941 on as part of World War II

Other wars involving China and Japan were:

  • The Mongol invasions of Japan in 1274 and 1281: a coalition of Mongol, Chinese and Korean troops under the Yuan dynasty unsuccessfully invaded Kamakura Japan
  • War between Ming dynasty and Japanese Wokous during mid 16th century
  • The Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–1598) was a full scale war between a Ming dynasty and Joseon coalition and the invading Japanese
  • The 1895 Japanese invasion of Taiwan (1895) of the ex-Qing, Chinese inhabited Republic of Formosa
  • Japan was part of the Eight-Nation Alliance that invaded Qing dynasty China during the Boxer Rebellion (1898-1901)
  • The Jinan Incident (1928) between Japanese-backed warlords and the Kuomingtang
  • The Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931
  • The January 28 Incident (1932) between the Republic of China and the Empire of Japan in, and around, Shanghai
  • The Defense of the Great Wall (1933) of Rehe (province) and subsequent Actions in Inner Mongolia (1933–1936)

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