Huan Wen

Huan Wen (桓溫) (312–373), courtesy name Yuanzi (元子), formally Duke Xuanwu of Nan Commandery (南郡宣武公), was a general of the Jin Dynasty (265-420). He is commonly viewed as one of the greatest generals since Jin's loss of northern China, as he led the campaign that destroyed Cheng Han and annexed its lands to Jin, and had some successes against the northern states Former Qin and Former Yan (although both campaigns ultimately ended in failure, perhaps due to his overcautiousness). After his death, the Huan clan would be entrenched in the Jin power struction for decades, after his son Huan Xuan temporarily usurped the Jin throne in 403 as the emperor of Chu (楚), he was posthumously honored as Emperor Xuanwu of Chu with the temple name of Taizu (太祖).

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Huan Chong
... Huan Chong (桓沖 courtesy name 幼子, Youzi 328–384)), formally Duke Xuanmu of Fengcheng (豐城宣穆公), was a Jin Dynasty (265-420) governor and general and the youngest brother of ... Contrary to the ambitious Huan Wen, who at times considered seizing the throne, Huan Chong was known to be dedicated to the preservation of the imperial ... After Huan Wen's son Huan Xuan temporarily seized the throne as the emperor of Chu in 403, he posthumoustly honored Huan Chong as the Prince of Xuancheng ...
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... In 372, Emperor Jianwen grew ill, and he issued four successive edits summoning Huan to the capital—a strong indicator that he was willing to yield the throne to Huan ... Indeed, Emperor Jianwen initially drafted a will that stated, "The Grand Marshall Huan Wen shall be regent under the precedent of the Duke of Zhou," and "If the child can be ... With Huan not in the capital to affirm it, however, Wang Tanzhi persuaded Emperor Jianwen to tear up the will and rewrite the instructions as, "All major affairs shall be submitted to the Grand Marshall, under the ...
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... Huan Xuan was born in 369, as the youngest son of Huan Wen, then the paramount general of Jin, and his wife, Sima Xingnan (司馬興男) the Princess of Nankang, the daughter of ... (An alternative account has him as born of Huan Wen's concubine Lady Ma.) When Huan Wen died in 373, his title should have gone to his heir apparent Huan Xi (桓熙), his oldest son ... However, Huan Chong, Huan Wen's brother whom Huan Wen entrusted the command of the army to, believed (correctly) that Huan Xi was in a plot with another brother of Huan Wen's ...
Huan Chong - Later Life, Positions and Death
... submission to the imperial government, Huan Chong turned down the governorship of Yang Province (which included the capital Jiankang), instead becoming the governor of Xu ... Later, after Huan Huo's death in 377, Xie trusted Huan Chong sufficiently to give him the governorship of the important Jing Province (荊州, modern Hunan and central and southern Hubei), as well as the military ... his command zone and which he had failed to relieve, Huan Chong offered to resign, but his resignation was not accepted ...
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