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List Of States In The Holy Roman Empire (L)
1197 Annexed to Nassau Lausanne Bishopric 1270 Prince-Bishopric 1536 ... Secularized by Bern Lausanne Imperial City 1536 ... Conquered by Bern Lavant (St ... Andra) 1228 Bishopric Prince-Bishopric Aust c1320 Dietrich, 1st Prince-Bishop, 1318-1332 Since 22nd Bishop, Theobald Schweinbeck, 1446–1463, bishops borne title of Prince Lebus Prince-Bishopr ... of Hardenburg from Saarbrücken inheritance 1225/1241 Inherited HRE County of Dagsburg 1310 Partitioned into Leiningen-Dachsburg (extinct 1467) and ...
List Of States In The Holy Roman Empire (T)
... the letter T Name Type Circle Bench Formed Notes Tanegg Vogtei Tarasp (Trasp) HRE Lordship Aust 1512 Austrian Circle 1683 To Princes of Dietrichstein Teck Duchy Swab 1381 Sold their lands to the Counts of. 1st mention of Tettnang Thannhausen Lordship 1665 HRE County 1708 Acquired by Stadion To Sinzendorf Thengen (Tengen) Lordship 1663 Imperial County Swab To. 1623 HRE County 1805 HRE Principality 14th century Family 1st mentioned Acquired Weinsberg and Neustadt Trent (Trento / Trient) c300 Bishopric 1027-1802 HRE Prince-Bishopric Aust EC 1027 14th century ...
List Of States In The Holy Roman Empire (H)
... H Name Type Circle Bench Formed Notes Haag HRE County 1500 Bavarian Circle 1567 Line died out to Dukes of Bavaria Habsburg County 1305 ... Annexed to Austria, gave its name ... from Regenstein 1368 Re-annexed by Regenstein 1599 Annexed to the Prince-Bishopric of Halberstadt Halberstadt Bishopric 1180 HRE Prince-Bishopric Low Sax EC 996 diocese est ... of Halberstadt From 1648 to 1918, the "Princes of Halberstadt" were the Electors of Brandenburg, the Kings of Prussia and finally the Emperors of Germany, except when Halberstadt was part of the Kingdom of ...

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    Katharine Fullerton Gerould (1879–1944)